Bikers Edge Winsted Woods

May 18, 2014

Course:  The course is a challenging and technical 4 mile loop with 800 feet of elevation per lap.  Everything is extremely well marked.  There will be a new section to the course this year..

Classes:  USA Cycling PRO, CAT 1, CAT 1 Single Speed, CAT 2, Single Speed Open, CAT 3, Fist Timers and KIDS

Entry Fees:  Save $8 by preregistering at  before 11:45 PM, May 16, 2014.  A $10 one day membership is required for all non USA Cycling license holders.  PRO/CAT 1 races must have an annual USA Cycling license


8:00 A.M.          Registration Opens for CAT 3 and First Timers Only

9:00 A.M.          CAT 3 Race Begins

                          First Timers to follow CAT 3 Start

11:00 A.M.        KIDS RACE

11:30 A.M.        PRO/CAT 1, CAT 1 Single Speed Race Begins

2:00 P.M.          CAT 2, Single Speed Open Race Begins

Awards:             Medals - PRO/CAT 1 CASH



Promoter:  Bikers Edge

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