Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new racer. Who can I talk to about racing the Root 66 series?
We're an extremely friendly bunch and will be happy to answer any questions a new rider interested in racing may have. We also have a BLOG full of all kinds of information from your fellow racers. The web site also contains all the series rules you need to know. General NORBA racing rules can be found at

Feel free to email the series director or promoter and they will be more than happy to help you with any specific issues or questions you may have about our root66 events.

When do I register and when is number pick up?
Race day registration is available at each race. Be sure to be punctual (arrive at least one hour before your race) or get yourself pre-registered online at by the deadline specified on the pages for each event. Pre-registered racers may pick up their race number and packet on race day during their registration period until 1/2 hour before their classes start time.

What equipment do I need to race?
You will need a mountain bike in good working order and a certified bicycle helmet. A water bottle, pump, and spare tube, glasses and gloves are encouraged, but not required. It really isn't too difficult to get involved in mountain bike racing. Remember, there is no mechanical support in NORBA events. You must be self-sufficient.

When does my race start?
You can find your start time for each race on the race schedule page for each race. Please check back often and in the morning at registration as these times can change. Remember that your racing age is the age you will be on 12/31 of the current year.

I'm Under 18, do I need anything more than my bike and helmet?
Yes, you need a parent or guardian present to sign the standard release form. Unfortunately, we cannot let you compete without this signature so make sure a parent or guardian is with you at registration.

Why are some races on Saturdays and others on Sundays?
Some events were not able to run on Sundays due to logistical issues and some because of holiday weekends.

Do I need a NORBA license?
Races are NORBA sanctioned. However, you DO NOT need to buy a NORBA license if you intend on racing Cat3 and Cat2 class events. Cat 1 and pro racers require a NORBA annual license. However, a $5 surcharge will be added for all beginner and sport riders registering without one.

Are the courses open for pre-riding before the events?
This depends on the venue. Some are closed for pre-riding before raceday, others are not. Check the individual race pages from the race schedule or contact the promoters of each event to be sure.

How do I find my series point ranking?
Points will be updated after each series event and posted on the root66 website. There will also be a points sheet available at every event for those who don't have access to the Internet.

What class should I race in?
If you hold a NORBA license you should race in the same class as you do with NORBA. If you are new to racing you should choose Cat 3. If you have some experience and want a little more competition you should race in Cat 2. Experienced and extremely fit racers should race as Cat 1. Pros, you know who you are. Any racer who is consistently finishing in the top of a class should and will be asked to move up to the next ability class.

Are races cancelled for weather?
No, we do not cancel races due to weather. Exceptions to this would be situations such as extreme lightning, hurricane, or other natural event or disaster that would make it impossible to hold the race. Promoters may shorten courses and laps due to inclement weather and course conditions. If there is a question over whether an event is going to be cancelled or postponed, contact the promoter or stay tuned to the root66 website.